John Rafferty: Sharing Music and Helping the Community

I’ve always had a desire to contribute to the community. It's important to me to inspire a dream, to uplift a spirit, and to better the lives of the people around me. Whether it comes in the form of sharing my music or raising funds for a worthwhile cause, I’m striving to make a positive difference in the world around me.

It is my goal to spread compassion and lead by example to encourage more people to live a generous life.

This is why I started the Robin M. Rogo Rafferty Charity Fund in memory of my late wife, Robin. This charitable fund supports the mission of Lazarus House Ministries, an organization that helps individuals and families living in poverty.

    • On January 28, 2016, I lost my beloved wife, Robin, to cancer. She fought a courageous battle for more than four and a half years before being called to God’s kingdom. Although it was a heartbreaking experience, I found the courage to keep the positivity in my day-to-day life.
    • My wife was my inspiration; she had always encouraged me to be better, and to be an inspiration to others. She left such an indelible print on this world and made a positive difference in people’s lives. Robin will forever be missed and loved by all who knew her.
    • Through the Robin M. Rogo Rafferty Charity Fund, I am honoring and celebrating my dear wife’s life and now cherished memories. This website, music and charity, will serve as a platform for me to continue my passion for music and to help others—just as Robin and I had done together for many years.

What is Lazarus House Ministries

The Robin M. Rogo Rafferty Fund supports Lazarus House Ministries. This is a fantastic charity Robin and I learned about when we attended StAugustine Parish in Andover, MA.

Robin and I lived in Andover for more than 20 years and witnessed the excellent services Lazarus House Ministries provided. We particularly loved their mission to serve one guest at a time. This way of serving allows each guest to be treated with dignity while being able to address their unique personal and sometimes complicated needs.

Lazarus House Ministries offers a hand up not a hand out by not only providing shelter and clothing but also education. This organization is one both Robin and I were proud to be a part of the outstanding work they do.

The Robin M. Rogo Rafferty Charity Fund is established to support Lazarus House Ministries. For anyone interested in contributing on behalf of my wife’s memory, you can use her name as an identifier to donate.

Proceeds from music and charity will go to Lazarus House Ministries and thus create recurring revenue for the charity. Know that your contribution matters and that your generosity will be of great help to the community.

I also wanted to inspire more people by sharing my music to a wider audience. You may download Mp3 files of my songs on this website!